Covid-19 Compliance

Covid-19  Local restrictions still apply in Stockport please click here for further information.

Corona virus is creating many and diverse challenges for everyone and whilst we would love to see WWMCC busy and bustling with happy hirers again there are unfortunately now many guidances and rules with which we have to comply that will probably prevent that happy scenario for some time to come.

That said, we are looking forward and doing our level best to accommodate events wherever possible. To that end, we  have tried to list here all the information we think you will need before deciding to make WWMCC your venue of choice. We will keep this page updated as guidance changes. The principle things that determine whether an indoor event can go ahead are social distancing, numbers of attendees and keeping hands and frequently touched surfaces clean. It’s not stuff you don’t already know but putting it into practice in a public venue is not quite so easy so please bear with us.

Our risk assessment is here and we request that you read this before considering WWMCC for your event. We’re sorry to sound so heavy handed but your booking will not be accepted until we know you that you are able to comply with the assessment.

Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Covid-19  Local restrictions still apply in Stockport and as such wedding receptions and celebrations for up to 30 people in the form of a sit-down meal are not permitted please click here for further information

We strongly advise, that in the first instance, you read the current Government Guidance if you are considering planning a wedding reception at WWMCC. This guidance was updated on 13th August 2020. In short – social distancing applies, a reception is 30 people which includes the happy couple, the photographer, the celebrant / vicar / minister etc but not the venue staff or outside catering staff. Easy stuff at first glance but not so easy in reality when it comes down to seating people in their respective households / bubbles. Happily we have plenty tables and space at WWMCC to accommodate this but that doesn’t take away from the inevitable juggling trick required to achieve a happy seating plan!

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