Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

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Have you heard the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the American? It may sound funny but this comic combination is no joke when they are slowly going mad in a bare, Beirut cell.    Strangely, Frank McGuiness’ play about inhumanity could almost be listed as a comedy since there are so many funny lines in this award-winning drama.

The three men, a brash, athletic American, a cynical Irish journalist and a “buttoned up, stand-offish” English lecturer are taken hostage by unseen captors in the Middle East. Their very different cultural backgrounds add a whole other dimension to their struggle to simply stay alive and sane. The three’s vivid imaginations are the only defence they have against their daily battle with the despair about the grim reality of their seemingly endless incarceration, but how those imaginations shine through. You could be forgiven for thinking that Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me would be filled with doom and gloom but Frank McGuiness has crafted an utterly compelling, humour riven, piece of drama which ebbs and flows with almost heart stopping moments of hilarity, tension, friendship and fantasy and as such is an absolute “must see”.

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