Woodford Neighbourhood Forum LogoThe Annual General Meeting is Monday 29th September 2014 in the Large Hall, Woodford Community Centre 7.30pm. please come along and discover what’s going on with the airfield planning application and the results of the recently circulated questionnaire that so many of you kindly completed.

May 2014 ~  Woodford neighbourhood forum now has its own dedicated web page withinn WCC’s website. You can visit it here.

Questionnaire – your opinion counts! First of all a huge thank you to all those of you who have taken the time and trouble to complete the questionnaire. The deadline for reply to this has been extended so please, if you can, complete the questionnaire and drop it off to Woodford Community Centre. Thank you.

Woodford Neighbourhood Forum (WNF) submitted a representation on the Cheshire East Council Local Plan, which includes a proposal for a North Cheshire Growth village comprising around 2,000 new houses and commercial premises on green belt land adjacent to Woodford at Handforth East. The proposed new village would occupy the area between the A34 bypass, Total Fitness, the A555 link road and Blossoms Lane. About two thirds of this land is currently farmed and includes land belonging to Threeways Farm on Blossoms Lane. A further one third of the proposed site has reverted to nature over several decades following demolition of a war-time RAF base. Additional land bordering Woodford to the South West, including land used by Dean Valley Farm, was earmarked for development beyond 2030. WNF objected to these proposals on several aspects including:

  • Failure of Cheshire East Council to comply with the duty to co-operate with neighbouring authorities, particularly in respect of traffic and infrastructure planning.
  • Unsoundness of the proposals with regard to justification, sustainability and deliverability.
  • Lack of legal compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework with respect to the green belt.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) submitted representations which were an excellent analysis of the key planning issues and the impacts on the wider community. It covered many of the serious concerns expressed by Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, residents in other parts of Stockport borough and residents of Handforth, Wilmslow and Poynton in Cheshire East.

Details of the representations submitted by WNF and SMBC can be found in the pdf files [links].

The consultation period closed on 25th April 2014. It is expected that an independent Planning Inspector(s) will be appointed to examine the CEC Local Plan and the representations submitted. A public examination is expected in the autumn of 2014.

It’s good news and bad news!

The good news is that Woodford now has a Neighbourhood Forum, the bad news is that Stockport Council have excluded the Woodford Aerodrome site from our Neighbourhood Forum.

Further details are here in PDF format.

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