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Woodford War Memorial Community Centre (WWMCC) Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect about you?
Essentially very little.
In terms of booking the venue for an event we collect information as per our booking form ie:
• Name, email address, telephone number and postal address of the Responsible person
• Name and telephone number of other services that contribute to your event eg a DJ / Band / Catering Company.

In the case of a permitted 21st party we require a copy of proof of date of birth. This copy is either destroyed or given back to you (Whichever you prefer) when the party is over.

As far as the WWMCC newsletter is concerned the only information held is your name and your email address which is held in Mailchimp’s database. Mailchimp (www.mailchimp.com) is the organisation we use to produce our newsletters which are distributed on an ad hoc basis via email.

Why do we collect this information?
We collect this information for contact, verification and billing purposes of an event to be held at WWMCC.

We collect your name and email address for the WWMCC newsletter in order that we may send you an email as and when necessary.

What other information do you collect about me?
We do not collect any other information about you eg: any medical information, biometric information, employment information, vehicle registration numbers, age, race, marital status, religion etc.

With whom might we share this information?
We do not share your information. No information is shared with any other individual or third-party organisation other than anything that is already in the public domain eg a website address. We do not “sell” our database to any third-party organisation

What do we do with this information?
The signed booking form is kept on file in order that we may liaise with you about your event booking at WWMCC. We also use the information supplied to generate booking confirmations and invoices.

The information supplied on the booking form is used by our invoicing software to produce an invoice. This information is stored locally on a laptop used only by the WWMCC bookings team. The information is also backed up onto an external hard drive for security purposes.
In the case of WWMCC’s newsletter the names and email addresses are stored in Mailchimp’s (www.mailchimp.com) database and it is used solely for the purpose of sending out ad hoc newsletters. The current committee Member that accesses this database in order to send a newsletter is the Chairman.

Are files and external devices encrypted?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yes they are. Any files which contain personal information are encrypted and the external drive used for extra security backup purposes is also encrypted.

How long do we store this information?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We retain booking information until your event has passed and WWMCC’s auditors have completed a set of accounts which are then subsequently approved by the membership. Depending on how far in advance your booking is made in advance of the event date your information could be stored for two / three years but a far more usual time span is somewhere in the region of 12 – 18 months. Old booking forms are then shredded.

Invoices which will contain your name, postal address, email address are stored under lock and key and are required by HMRC to be retained for a period of 6 years.
In the case of the WWMCC newsletter we hold your name and email address until we are advised of either a change of details or you unsubscribe. Any previous data is automatically overwritten / deleted from the database.

How may I access the information you hold about me / member society?
You are entitled to ask at any time for details of any information WWMCC may hold about you as an individual. You can do this by emailing woodfordbookings@googlemail.com

Does WWMCC’s newsletter signup use a double opt-in?
Yes it does.

Does WWMCC capture my IP address and browsing history?
No it does not. We do not capture your IP address, your operating system, your browser ID, your browsing activity or how you interacted with other websites via any links on WWMCC website.

How do I unsubscribe from the WWMCC newsletter?
You simply click on the “unsubscribe” link which is at the foot of every newsletter(we are obliged to display this link). Your information will automatically be deleted and you will not be able to re-subscribe using the same email address. This is for your protection, if you hit the link by mistake and wish to re-subscribe you will need to use an alternative email address.

What do you do with any CCTV recordings?
WWMCC uses CCTV for crime prevention purposes only. The recordings are only stored for as long as necessary and no longer. The recordings are not stored for specific lengths of time. This is because recordings are dependent on “activity” which determines how much hard drive space is used. If for instance the CCTV picked up a lot of activity for say two or three nights in succession this would take up a larger chunk of hard drive space than two or three nights minimal or no activity. As soon as the hard drive reaches full capacity recordings then overwrite previous recordings. Typically, this takes approximately three and a half to four months.

Is WWMCC registered with the ICO in relation to CCTV recordings?
Yes, WWMCC is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

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