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The Woodland Trust is a charity aimed at protecting native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future; working with others to plant more native trees in Britain; and inspiring everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees. Among many benefits trees attract wildlife, enhance the beauty of an area, store carbon and generate oxygen and help alleviate local flooding.

The Trust launched free tree packs in the autumn of 2010, designed to enable groups to plant more trees, woods, copses and hedges in the shared spaces of their local areas.  In 2011 the WWMCC was successful in an application for an “all year round colour” community pack of 105 saplings and residents joined the management committee in planting the saplings in a corner of the field to form a copse.

Since then work has been underway to provide a woodland walk around the perimeter of the field.  A mown path through the rough grassland on the western perimeter of the field now links the copse to an existing pond and small wood. These had become overgrown and inaccessible but now have been cleared of weeds and dead wood. Branches from the tree pruning have been used to make rustic fencing and a rustic bench. Rubbish from years of fly tipping is being removed or safely covered with soil and a pathway created through the wood. Perimeter hedges that had become badly overgrown and choked by brambles and nettles are being cleared of weeds and laid to promote denser growth.

In March 2013, the WWMCC received a further free donation of saplings from the Woodland Trust. This time we chose a pack of 30 hedgerow saplings and planted them to fill gaps in the perimeter hedges and woodland.

When warmer eventually arrives, grass and wild flower seed will be sown in the woodland. Please click here to download a pdf version of our Woodland Project, or click this image


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