Wedding Vows Renewal Ceremony

A wedding vows renewal ceremony does not involve legalities, so you can celebrate the occasion as you wish. The ceremony can be religious, part-religious or non-religious. It can be held indoors or outdoors, there is no real limitation as long as you have permission from your chosen venue for whatever you decide to do.

As you can hold your vows renewal ceremony pretty much anywhere you like, WWMCC is the ideal venue. Your ceremony can be indoors in our small hall for example or maybe you would prefer outdoors in our lovely little garden at the side of the small hall, our Great British weather permitting! How about a marquee on the field?

As it is not a legally binding ceremony, there are no licensing restrictions for renewing vows, all you need is a celebrant.

The ceremony itself can include music, readings, poetry or the exchange of gifts or flowers, the choice is yours.

If you want to host a reception after the ceremony, then WWMCC is ideal. It could be anything from a simple BBQ / hog roast in our outdoor space to a dinner or buffet as large and complex as a traditional reception.

We look forward to hearing from you if you feel that WWMCC would be ideal for your special vows renewal ceremony. Please use the links below to get in touch with us.

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